Enjoying the honeymoon

The moment that has made you become husband and wife has just passed, you’ve rejoiced wonderful and great moments together, your heart pounded, you’ve danced and smiled and you were in the center of attention and we’re sure that you have considered your wedding a special day and moment that you are going to keep always in your heart. Especially if you have stumbled over unique and difficult moments!
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Think of all the preparations and difficult situations, the bad moments have passed. Think of all those mixed emotions: from enthusiasm to being impatient, desperate, furious, the pressure of the moment has sucked all the energy and now you feel kind of powerless. Try to recall the bridal day as a special one, because it is in this way, even if you feel tired! This tiredness will pass and with our pieces of advice and indications you are going to end up with only pretty moments concerning this special day!

You’re now in your honeymoon and you don’t have to think anymore of all those sleepless nights, just take into account the part with relaxing and rejoicing all these great spots and moments. Let yourself get carried away and get spoiled! This doesn’t mean that you have to stay in bed for multiple days, because you still have many things to do. Think of honey, chocolate, champagne, fruits, cream, the satin sheets, pearls and enjoy all of these. It’s the moment that you deserve; it’s a period that shouldn’t be under the sign of stress, but on the contrary!

enjoying the honeymoonCredit
Enjoying the honeymoon

The spot that is chosen for the honeymoon will bring you far away from all the worries and daily problems, at least these days should be enjoyed fully, don’t you think so? Look him in the eyes, let your body be caressed and listen to his heart beats. Feel the silence of that moment and that you are next to him. Feel the joy of the trust and the feeling of protection. Get relaxed and let yourself feel free and liberated, but also charged with positive energy.

Clothing is a manner of expressing the way in which you feel! Try wearing live colors, joyful, explosive and if this offers you a feeling of freshness and you can encounter all the energy for sharing it with the chosen one then it’s even greater. Try finding a dynamic program, discover together the place that you have chosen for spending your honeymoon, even if it’s a rustic spot or a wild one, and make sure you have nature around, or if it’s a crowded city, you should try to explore it as much as possible, even if you’re around your household it doesn’t even matter!

Make sure you explore every little detail and that you enrich yourselves as much as possible. Take pictures, live intense every little moment for reliving these moments some other time. you should let your imagination be free and do as many unusual activities as possible, let the joy be felt all around and your state can also inspire others.

It’s the moment in which you need lots of love, in order to transmit to the other the expression of love through those tender gestures, known only by you, through poetic whispers and the warm refinement of touching. You can make your bond even stronger and you can pick a symbol that represents you, because every time you feel sad you’re going to find your way through problems.

The sun, even if we’re speaking about sunset or dawn is going to transmit that emotion which prepares your two way road, let nature surround you, feel the warm and fresh breeze, the texture of the sand or the vigor of the mountain, breathe, feel as the fresh air will fill you with silence, close your eyes and let yourself get carried away by all the surrounding, take this moment with you, this feeling and try reliving it each time you feel let down.

Now you have the occasion of observing and seeing what surrounds you, try all kinds of foods and dishes that are specific to that area and take as many pictures as possible!

So, these being said, we totally recommend you to live fully the bridal day and most of all, to try and enjoy the honeymoon, because you’re at the beginning of a new road together and in this manner you get to know each other better and in the same time you enjoy all that nature has to offer….