The minimalist wedding bouquet 3

Here’s our last topic up to this moment that regards the minimalist wedding bouquet. We saw that you’ve enjoyed our topics and we’re glad to see this type of feedback. Also, don’t worry ladies because in your wedding day you’ll look marvelous, like a princess and you can be sure that no one will take your place. And when it comes to the dress you can be sure that no matter what model you pick it will make you look splendid.

the minimalist wedding bouquet 3

Returning back to our topic we only want to say that these are the last four examples of bouquets for this kind and we hope that you enjoy them as well…. No matter what flowers or colors you choose, make sure that these look great together with the other arrangements and ornaments, because it’s important for every element of the wedding to cope with the other ones.
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We start with a marvelously looking bouquet that’s made entirely of tulips, these tulips have a white tone and you can see a touch of pink on them, but really vaguely. Leave their strains long and tie around them a long ribbon in a shiny nuance and make a bow in order to make the bouquet look delightful.

The next example consists of some roses that are wrapped in a shiny and transparent piece of ribbon. The roses are ivory and you can put some peony leaves around this bouquet in order to confer a nice chromatic effect. If you don’t like the idea of white flowers in general you can adopt really colored ones and you can be sure that it will look as great as this one…. It depends on each one’s taste.

the minimalist wedding bouquet 32

Between our last examples there is a big bouquet of daffodils, white daffodils, and many such flowers with long strains. Wrap around these daffodils a pretty colored ribbon and the image is complete…. The simplicity of this bouquet is what inspires us the most and we think that this is a pretty looking model. Don’t you think in the same manner?

the minimalist wedding bouquet 33

Our last example regards a simple bouquet made of orange callas. We like the combination of orange and green really much and you should wrap around the long strains a piece of orange ribbon in order to make the image complete. Make sure also that the callas are big, we refer to their buds and you’ll see that the effect is guaranteed.

the minimalist wedding bouquet 34

We end with hoping that you’ve enjoyed our last examples and also you should think of one of these many examples as a source of inspiration for your wedding bouquet. And we mention again that we like to know what you’re really interested in and what you want to find out about.