Lipstick colors

As we spoke about lips in our previous article we would like to continue with this topic and offer you a wide range of examples in what concerns their colors and exactly for what types of makeup styles you can apply for. This is a subject that will definitely interest most of you, because you probably don’t know how to mix your eye makeup with the lip makeup, but this won’t be a problem anymore.

We start with really pink lips. It’s very hard to find a lipstick that makes your lips look like in magazines and for this matter ask your friends or consult a magazine in order to see what’s the most prominent and great looking pink lipstick.

This type of lipstick can ask for a really natural eye makeup or one that doesn’t involve the usage of too many cosmetic products. This color is considered to be ideal during the spring or summer time: it offers you a really fresh look and it shows the happy side in you.
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Dramatic red lips are a sign of a retro period, which seems to have never faded away. Let’s mention that if you apply for this color tone you won’t fail with it and the effect is definitely dazzling. The eyes can be contoured with the help of eyeliner and it offers you a really nice look. You won’t definitely fail with this lipstick color, be sure of that!

Gold lipstick or lip gloss would be also a great variant, because it definitely makes you look interesting and ripped from another story. You can apply for this type of lip gloss in case you want to look really different from the others and maybe create a fantasy look. Also, we need to mention that this color on the lips is really popular in this year and it’s really trendy in the same time and you won’t fail with it.

Fuchsia lipstick is a really fun tone and it involves a lot of courage when it comes to using it! You can apply for this color in case you feel happy and you want this particular component to show it.

Indeed, this will create a nice visual effect and you can be sure that you won’t fail with it as long as you want to show yourself with this fun look. There are all the reasons in this world to apply these types of lipstick, just make sure that these are in perfect coordination with your skin and hair color.