Red lipstick for brides

Although in the last period of time the brides have applied for different tones of lipstick, the intense red tone for the lipstick is a color that isn’t going to fade ever.

Especially if you’re a sensual brunette or a gorgeous blonde you can apply for an intense red tone that is going to make you feel really sensual and feminine.

It’s a daring color that is going to make you feel really important in front of others and throughout the night. You can apply for this tone of red if you’re passionate red haired women and you’re going to be special indeed!

With an immaculate white wedding dress and a red lipstick tone on your lips you’re going to end up being really sexy and good looking. It’s a color that attracts the attention of others and it’s perfectly appropriate in combination with an immaculate white tone.

It’s certain that in a wedding a scarlet red is definitely appropriate with a pair of high heel shoes. A shorter wedding dress with leggings and personality is going to make you feel like a retro bride.
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You could, in the case in which you’re a brave bride to opt for a pair of high heels and wedding shoes in the same color as the lipstick – a pair of scarlet red wedding shoes are superb!

With an appropriate heel you’re going to be a real diva! And to complete the outfit you could eventually have the nails in the same color as the lipstick.

If you fear that you’re going to be too colored then you can opt for a simple French manicure, in such a manner that you leave the lipstick and the shoes to be like a touch of color – it’s true that it’s enough when it comes to this particular color.

There’s a large variety of red tones so this means that you have where to choose from, for people that have a light skin tone and with thin lips it’s better to use darker tones of lipstick, for those that have a darker skin tone and thicker lips we recommend them to use red tones in warm tones.

You don’t have to be afraid of playing with tones, if the red tone that you have on your lips is too light and you think that it doesn’t advantage you then spread over it a lighter tone, combine the tow colors up to the moment in which you end up with the wanted tone.

In order to make the color last, it’s better to use a “lip stain”, a fixing product then contour the lips with a crayon in the same tone as the red lipstick, tracing the line exactly on the natural contour of the lips.