Voluptuous and healthy lips

The mouth and lips are believed to be the doorway to the heart! It is rather true because all of us express our feelings throughout the mouth! But that`s another discussion, because we`re going to speak about the role of the mouth and lips in our beauty!

Lips are also a symbol of sensuality, the image of the tong licking the lips can be very tempting and sexual! But what to we do if our lips are thin and we don`t have what to lick? Joke! No really, what do we do when we have thin lips and need to reveal them in a make up? Well, the starting point is to use a lip crayon around the lips in order to trick the eye, to confer them some extra volume, after that apply a lipstick and after you`ve applied lipstick, make sure you use a transparent lip gloss!

If you`re fed up with doing these types of procedures daily, you can apply for Botox injections or plastic surgery, but these methods are much more expensive than buying a lip crayon, a lipstick and a gloss! When you apply for such methods, make sure you go to the right doctor and that the results you want to obtain will be just the ones you wanted!

Many women have applied for plastic surgery to make their lips look great and voluptuous, but not many have obtained a great result, because their operations failed! Many removed their silicon, or other has remained with the unpleasant shape of lips! Not so many procedures are successful, because you can notice most of the time when a woman has silicones in her lips!

The injection is a good idea, but not many can get used with the idea of the nail penetrating their lips! In this case, you must get used, because once you`ve started such a “treatment” you must continue going every time it`s necessary!

Besides the injections and plastic surgeries you can apply for a simple gloss that has Botox proprieties: after you`ve applied this gloss, you`ll feel some pinches in your lips and they will begin to swell easily and you`ll get much more voluptuous lips than you had before! By using this kind of product you`ll see how to extra lips fit you or not!

That`s enough regarding voluptuous lips, because not many of us have the natural gift! And most of the women clearly feel a deep envy for men, because they have natural great lips and they have to fight for having such “assets”!

Besides voluptuous lips you also need healthy lips, you must apply a lip balm once in a while to hydrate them, also during the cold seasons you need to take care of them, because they can get a dry aspect! Every time you feel they get dried apply this transparent lip balm and you`ll certainly make them look better! Speaking of lips, in the articles that come you`ll certainly get an idea of what color of lipstick suits you and your lips the most!