Learn which is the ideal colour for your lips

Last time we decided to speak about lips in general and exactly for what kind of colors you can apply for in order to look great. We’re sure that you’re going to like our ideas this time as well and maybe you’re going to apply for all the colors suggested here.
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Pink is a great color tone and we’re sure that you thought many times of applying for it, now it depends on your features too and the way in which you look.

So, there’s the variant in which you can apply for a candy apple red lipstick and this will produce a dazzling effect, not only for you but for your lips as well. This tone is going to make these really great looking, sexy and voluptuous in the same time. We’re sure that this color sounds pretty tempting to you and we totally recommend it in case you want to have a playful look.

You may wonder hoe celebrities have that perfect look. Well, besides the fact that they have an entire crew behind them, they also use professional products. In order to obtain at least half of the professional look, apply for using lipstick and lip liner. The effect is dazzling and we’re sure that it’s going to last some time. Be sure that you won’t fail with this look and that you’re going to have an interesting aspect in the same time.

If you’re more into the natural stuff the sheer lips look is just ideal for you! You can adopt this style in case you want to go in town by day or to school or something like that. You can find numerous such lipsticks and we’re sure that you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to obtaining that particular look. Also, these types of lips go really fine with any eye makeup….

If you have medium skin tone well this means that the plum lipstick is just ideal for you. This particular tone helps your skin be highlighted and your teeth will look whiter and you’re going to look sexier. We recommend this lip color for every time of the day and we assure you that you’re going to look pretty nice with it on.

Nude colors are also great to be worn in no matter what moment of the day you encounter yourself. Apply for a lip balm or even a natural looking lip pencil and the effect is guaranteed.

Another interesting combination is that with the lilac lips, which always look great and definitely you should apply for these in case you’re going in a special place or something like that.