Lips make-up

We’ve been talking and talking about the make-up you can apply to your eyes and even about the face, but in the last period we forgot to mention about the lips! Yes, how should you highlight your lips or not and what colors are in trend, and most of all the textures (these are very important).

There is a tendency towards the matte lipstick! Yes, red and matte! This type of make-up placed on the lips offers a certain degree of volume and highlights the sensuality of the modern woman! The lips have a perfect delimitation with this lipstick color and pattern! You can see a vintage influenced make-up with modern features!

There is the white parlour of the complexion, the deep look she gives to you, the blond hair and the modernity is conferred by metallic nuances used on the eyes: violet and blue! Let’s not forget about those underlined eyelashes with plenty of mascara, these are really important.

You can find also the nude make-up! Only make-up foundation and a little mascara, and as the main topic are the lips…. Use a nude nuance for the lips also, a transparent lip gloss, not too shiny or a pink, matte nuance, really nuance, that can’t be observed as occupying the surface of the lips!

We can found also spicy nuances like red orange, really shiny and with a creamy aspect! It offers a great aspect to the lips, conferring volume and a mysterious touch! Also, if you use this type of nuance to your lips, make sure you don’t apply that much make-up in the eye area….

Adopt some really thin lips as they used to be, this is a pattern of the vintage times, use a violet-purple nuance a little bit shiny and a nude make-up to the eyes! Thin lips are also in trend in this period, so you may get rid of Botox injections every now and then!

There is also that nuance that many of you may consider old! A dark red in matte nuance! It’s in trend now if you apply a little brown to your eyes! Use you eyes and accessories to give the youthful touch to your entire aspect.

Let’s mention about that really adolescent look with colors full of life on the eyes and a natural aspect to the lips, which look really voluminous and will say “Kiss me!”. With colors like blue and green used at the eyes, this a little bit metallic nuance will give you a fresh aspect and really sauvage in the same time!

So, it depends on the way you feel in a certain day! If you feel young and wild, sexy and bold, a little bohemian but with a modern touch you can apply for all these types of make-up we’ve mentioned some lines before! The modern woman must know how to play with fashion and trends and adopt them according to her personality, likes and dislikes….