From Meeting to Wedding

You may be a single woman desiring a healthy, serious relationship, a relationship that can lead to marriage. Your idea of a good marriage partner is someone who you have known for some time, be it a young man of your age group or a much older one. Maybe you had at some time in the past thought and told yourself, “I want a Sugar Daddy,” for whatever reason, and got one and had a great experience. As such, you can explore the possibility of marrying a sugar daddy.

While your basic idea is that you should marry your best friend or someone you have known for a fairly long time, you should bear in mind that the process of building a relationship can be complicated. Also, love is something that takes time to blossom. If love involves friends, then it is even more complex, as the two parties have higher expectations and they fear that they will mess up the friendship.

So how can you move from simply meeting up to getting married, or transition from being friends to having a serious relationship? Here are some tips you can put to use to turn your friendship into a relationship. (Disclaimer: It is important to note that there is no single right way to do so and that these are just suggestions.)

Demonstrate you care

To move from friendship to relationship, you must show that you care more than just as a friend, thus making it clear that you are much more than a friend. You need to decide to say or do something each week to portray that you have more concern for the other person than a friend does. You may buy your friend a present and accompany it with a handwritten note or card to give the impression that they were on your mind. A better way is to ask the other person what you can do for them to make them feel loved and appreciated. Although it is a tough question to ask, it may bring about surprising results and a closer connection, especially if your friend finds your question genuine and honest.

Reaffirm to your partner that you want the relationship

Having been friends for a while, you most likely share a higher level of trust and candid communication with one another. However, with the onset of a relationship, both of you could be vulnerable and afraid to get hurt or to mess up your friendship. It would be great if you were to take it upon yourself to reassure your partner every so often—like once per week in the first few months—that you want the relationship. Let them know you are happy that both of you moved the friendship to the next level. Communicating your feelings will help to remove any doubt and relieve worry. Also, it will make a stronger emotional bond.

Stick together

Have you ever seen those cute couples who are always by each other’s side at social events, and who seem to enjoy each other’s company? Well, you should try to be like them. Pair up with your date and be by their side, and instead of leaving them to have a conversation with other people, be in the same discussion. Pay keen attention to your bond with your date. Being side-by-side with your partner will not only strengthen your relationship, but it will also take your dating relationship a notch higher and set you apart from being just friends.

Be patient

Just because you have been friends or have known each other for a long time does not guarantee that things will quickly work out when you begin dating. You should avoid having very high expectations and give your relationship time to grow. You must realize that your relationship and trust with one another need time to develop, and you must let them happen at their own pace. Being patient and letting go of anxiety is crucial for the success of the relationship.

Share your aspirations

You may think you know your friend a lot, but you may have no idea about their dreams of getting married, having a family, and so on. Discussing your future together with the person may help to make your bond stronger and do away with any misconceptions.

Meet their family

Most likely you have met your partner’s family while you were still friends, but you need to meet them again and be reintroduced as a partner (whether that be a girlfriend or fiancée). It is high time you met his family if you have been in the relationship for a month or more. Having the family know of your change in status may make your bond stronger, and further do away with the friendship status.


With the above tips, you could turn your friendship into a relationship and to the wedding. However, you should observe the direction things are taking and avoid forcing them to go your way. Perhaps the friendship needs more time to get into a serious relationship and you are bound to give it the time or take things at a slower pace.