The best man wedding speech

Every groom chooses for his big day a best man who will come at the wedding and is going to make sure that everything is taken care of properly, and not only! The best man, as well as the maid of honor, has to make a wedding speech, which contains good thoughts concerning the groom and the relationship that they have, of course without omitting the bride.
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The best man speech should be funny, optimistic and everybody at the wedding should be entertained through what he is saying. Certainly, the best man should respect some ideas and rules if he wants to end up with a great wedding speech.

In the following lines, you are going to read about some essential steps and rules you need to take into account before creating the best man wedding speech – we think that it’s going to be easier for you if you respect these rules.

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The best man wedding speech

Be brief and conclusive!

Organize your ideas in a speech that has about one thousand words and don’t make it more than 7 minutes, because the guests are going to get bored. Don’t forget that you are not the only person who is making a speech; and certainly the guests don’t need to know all the details concerning your life and the groom’s life.

Be humorous!

Humor is among the most important things when it comes to a wedding speech or speeches in general. With a comic touch, your wedding speech will definitely be successful!

Be entertaining and efficient!

This means you need to speak in anecdotes, this is a more useful way of doing things and if you decide to tell a story to the audience, you should ensure that all the characters involved in that particular part are known to the public. It’s essential for the guests to know of whom you are speaking.

No ex – girlfriends!

And speaking about stories, we think that the must inappropriate thing that a best man can do, is to mention about the ex girlfriends of the groom – this is so unpleasant!

Complimenting the bride!

As we first mentioned, you need to add the bride in your best man speech as well – it’s important for her to be mentioned there, because from this moment on, they create and entire.

Speak loud and clear!

Like you know very well, you should be very loud in ideas and thoughts and the words expressed should be clear to everyone.