Wedding traditions and ceremonies

A wedding ceremony, before being discussed fully with all its traditions and all the things that need to be done, should be mentioned from the start and you have to be aware of these. For instance, there are multiple types of weddings and these depend on the different wedding traditions that a culture may have, different from other.

We thought that it would be a great idea to mention some hints concerning the types of wedding….

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Wedding traditions and ceremonies

So, there’s the same sex wedding that we wanted to start with and it’s probably among the most discussed type. We don’t know if we can place this ceremony at the level of wedding traditions. Such a wedding is realized between persons that have the same gender. Such an event will be known as a civil union. At the level of the religious part, this communion will not be recognized in all the places. There are some spots on the globe, which don’t recognize this wedding not from the civil part – it depends on the prejudices and the education of these persons.

From this highly discussed type of ceremony, there’s always the civil wedding that we need to mention about in our list of wedding traditions. This type of wedding is done by the civil authority (judge, mayor and so on) and they can have some God implications, but generally such an event is done in front of the law – and it’s also known as a civil wedding.

An elopement wedding concerns getting married sudden – on the run and it involves a small number of guests, in some cases there are only some family members to attend. Such a wedding can happen even without family members at all – crazy couples who make their weddings in Las Vegas, after a one moment decision.

The next wedding ceremony type that we want to mention about and it can be related to wedding traditions as well is the destination wedding, which takes place in a setting similar to a vacation spot. In this one there are guests invited, differently from the ones that we’ve just mentioned about.
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The white wedding is related to a wedding that usually involves the bride wearing a white bridal gown – it’s most common in the Western side of the globe.

The last wedding tradition for some couples is related to the double wedding in which there are married two couples in the same time.