Prepare your first dance moment in a Halloween manner

The first dance moment is a really unique and special wedding routine. But, if you will add something crazy and funny, such as a Halloween first dance song, to this special moment, then this routine will be transformed into something completely fabulous. Anyway, you have many options for this moment, and therefore you must choose the song that will really suit you.
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You should know that you could stick just to your apparel, if you want something impressive, and for the first dance moment you could pick the traditional waltz. This will be something that nobody will expect. As a result, you should dress unconventionally, but you should dance traditionally. It will be something incredible to see after many, many years, and as a result we totally advise you to go for it.

However, if you want something extraordinary, then go ahead and pick a Halloween wedding song. The most popular song for this moment is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. If you want, you may prepare the choreography for this moment yourselves. If you have no idea how to start and how to proceed with this first dance, then you should ask the help of a professional. In this way you will end up with some original, interesting and funny moves that your guests will surely appreciate.

At the same time, it will look equally great if you wouldn’t stress that much for this moment. You could improvise at your reception, and I am sure that everything will be just fine, because nothing could replace your instantaneous moves. Anyway, if you are nervous about this thing and if you believe it would be better to be prepared before the first dance moment, then stick to the first plan and everything will be just as you have imagined.

Prepare your first dance moment in a Halloween mannerCredit
First dance

If you want something more energetic, a great idea would be to use Walk Like A Zombie “A Horror Pops”. It will add salt and pepper to this moment, fact that I’m pretty sure you will appreciate. A great idea would be to combine this song with a more slowly on, in this way you will create the surprise effect, by beginning with something slow and elegant and ending in a crazy, loud and energetic manner.

Anyway, I’m sure that you have something in mind for this moment; something that will be very appropriate, just because it is your idea and your favourite song. And in order to conclude this article. I would like to add hat you must pick something that you really like, because this is your moment and it will have to be just as you have envisioned it. Don’t worry about the other, you are the star now and you are the only ones who matter.