Some tips for a unique wedding photo album

The simple fact of applying for a wedding photographer does not mean that your work is done. In order to be sure that your wedding photo album ends up as you want it to, you will need some extra research and discussions with the specialist and make him understand how you want everything to end up looking like. Also, if you want to have special memories from the moments of your wedding, make sure you emphasize in what exactly you are interested and want to see.
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We all know the classic patterns when it comes to the wedding photo album: the pictures with you two in different situations, places and backgrounds, pictures with all the family or just with the bridesmaids or the best men. These clichés need to be added some photos that express new ideas and elements. Make sure that these ideas are totally yours or you can receive some help from the side of the photographer. These ideas will make the wedding photo album look unique and new.

some tips for a unique wedding photo albumCredit
Some tips for a unique wedding photo album

The first dance

Be this a cliché or not, you should not omit asking the wedding photographer to take pictures of you while you make your first dance. We’re sure that you really want to see after just how emotional you felt in the moment in which all the people had their eyes on you! Also, we were certain that all the emotions stumbled on your expressions and faces….

Even it seems as a cliché or something that isn’t that interesting, the first dance is a “phase” in the wedding reception that is memorable and we’re sure that it does not miss from any such event. All the people surrounding you will feel lots of emotions and they will rejoice this moment as much as you do. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss it – because we’re sure that you are not 100% present there, your mind still thinks about the fresh change and the fact that you have to make sure everything ends up as you planned.

The bridal gown and the shoes

It seems that it is a trend in the latest wedding photo albums that we have been speaking about! What are we talking about? We’re speaking about photos that are taken during the arrangements in the bridal day. Also, another popular shoot is that with the bridal shoes and the bridal gown that shouldn’t miss from an album that respects itself (forget us for offering life to an inanimate object).

So, the wedding gown and the bridal shoes are essential elements that should be caught in a picture and remain as memories. Choose to take shots of the bridal gown just before getting dresses with it, in order to see how it all started. The same thing can be applied in the case of the bridal shoes, especially if these have a special design. Of course, you can continue with other frames and shots, continue with taking photos of the bridesmaids that close your bridal gown and that help you put on the bridal jewelry.

The bridal veil and the bouquet

The same thing stands to the moment in which they arrange the bridal day and place the bouquet in your hands. As you can see, there are multiple moments in which there can be taken unique shots and be kept for your wedding photo album. Such shots can immortalize forever special glimpses from your life, we’re sure that you would love to see these once again!

The bride and groom and the other people

The bridesmaids and best men have to be immortalized in pictures as we mentioned in the previous lines. So, it’s important to take shots of them in the bridal day, because we’re sure that among them you have close friends and one of the dearest people on this world. Also, if they have clothing that match one with the other, the shots taken together with you are going to turn out to be really funny in a few years. Try not to limit yourself with classic posts or get carried in the moment. If you are in a particular emotional state, let it be observed on the camera and if you feel like bragging and making jokes, then even better – you will end up with a really interesting photo shoot that is related to the bridal day!

So, it’s important you know in due time what people and which other elements you want to add in your wedding photo album, because in this manner you can confer it a unique air!