Unique Wedding Photo Book Ideas Every Couple Should Consider

Photo books are simply perfect for weddings. They’re a modern take on photo albums, and the best part is you can customize it according to your heart’s desire. Your memories of your wedding day are preserved on print in a timeless, unique, and personal way.

Here are unique wedding photo book ideas that every couple should consider.

1. Pick a picturesque wedding venue

Your wedding venue will largely contribute to how your wedding will turn out. It’s location, amount of space, how lighting will look during the time of your wedding, how it fits your theme, among others, will influence how you and your guests will feel during your big day.

Since you want to be able to treasure this moment for the rest of your life, you want to have a visually attractive space, especially to achieve the best photos. Heinz History Center wedding is an example of a space that could give you various options for picture-perfect moments for you and your partner, as well as for your family and friends.

2. Don’t forget the must-have wedding photo poses

You don’t want to scan through your photos and have difficulty in choosing what to add in your photo book because they are too similar or you can’t find a variety from them. You want to make sure that you have photos that are planned to be in photo books aside from candid shots photographers could be taking. Use a checklist of these must-have wedding photos to guide you. You absolutely won’t go wrong with it!

3. Make your own photo book

Making your own photo book will give you the flexibility to incorporate your taste as a couple and will even cost less than having it made by someone else. It’s going to be a fun and creative process that you will love. It may even inspire you to start a photography business.


  • Choose wedding photos you are going to include together – As much as you may want to include all the images, it’s important that you pick out your favorites. Doing this process along with your partner will make the photo book more special to both of you. Think of this phase as a way of curating art for an exhibit. You can go back to those must-have photo poses and choose from that pile. Remember to select photos that will also be easy to edit, if there’s a need for the process.
  • Research for an online photo book tool – There are many kinds of software and websites available so you can create photo books, even if you’re a beginner. Don’t hesitate to experiment with their features or determine what is easy for you to use without compromising the output.
  • Decide on the size and number of photo books – Some couples only want to have one photo book with all the highlights of the day or just have a thicker one if there are many photos to be included. A creative way of doing photo books is having a set of three in different sizes and grouping photos according to your desire. For example, you could have one photo book for all the must-have poses, one for the ceremony, and another for the reception.
  • Design a durable and unique photo book cover – You want this to be a memorabilia that would stand the test of time. You want something that you can still hold and be in one piece in the next 10 to 20 years. You could choose to use acrylic, leather, or hardcover. The cover design should be a coordination of your taste as a couple. You can have it engraved or stamp-foiled with your initials or wedding date. As much as possible, stick to fonts that are timeless.
  • Add creativity into your photo book – Don’t be afraid to create! You can make collages instead of the traditional single photo per page. You can combine small images of details on one page and pair it with a bigger, clearer picture of what was going on. You can add captions on photos, your favorite quotes, and even your wedding vows. If your photo book is sturdy, it’s also possible to add a small packet where you insert small mementos like dried bouquet flowers, your wedding program, dinner menu, and other tiny keepsakes for that day.

Creating your own photo book will require patience and learning new skills if you don’t have them yet. Don’t worry if neither you nor your partner has done something like it before; for sure your creative juices will come out to inspire you. Apply the tips above, and in the end, you will have a photo book that you can definitely treasure for the rest of your lives!