Suggestions from wedding planners

Even if you think that you don’t need some extra tips when it comes to the wedding planning procedures and all that surrounds it, we try and share with you the most useful tips in order to end up with the ceremony that you have always been dreaming of. Certainly there’s no comparison to how great a wedding planner can organize an event, but for the wedding reception to end up successful, you need to know some things and indications for him/her to make it accordingly to your tastes and as personalized as possible.
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We would like to share some indications and suggestions that are taken exactly from well known wedding planners and which can turn out to be that useful that some of you may decide to organize their weddings by themselves.

When it comes to picking the wedding reception salon, don’t omit the fact that some of the persons engaged in taking care of the place exaggerate with the estimations in what concerns the number of people that enter a room. So, if the owner tells you a number, you should totally see the salon with your own eyes and see whether the number that you have is appropriate for that space.

suggestions from wedding plannersCredit
Suggestions from wedding planners

Another thing is not to plan the wedding ceremony and the one at city hall in different days, because there are some friends or relatives that come from neighbor towns and it can be tiring for them to come to these two and they might not have a place to stay!

Now that we are at the level of people who come from other cities or towns to attend the wedding, they also need to be transported from a place to another. A great idea would be to rent big cars, about 2,3, even buses or microbuses that can be used throughout the day to transport the guests from the church to the wedding reception place. Does this idea sound expensive to you? Well, it shouldn’t, because contrary to what you may think, renting such means of transport can prove to be pretty cheap.

Take as much free time as possible when it comes to trying on bridal gowns from as many stores and locations as possible. You need to know what style suits you the most, and which bridal gown defines your style the most and this is a procedure that takes time. Don’t take too much money with you, because you’re going to be tempted to buy a bridal gown and if you go in another day and browse you might see that in another spot laid the bridal gown of your dreams.

An important and essential issue is that the bridal gown should be tried on only with a pair of high heels and these have to have a similar size as the ones you intend on wearing in the big day!

And continuing with the matter of the bridal gown, make sure that you buy the final gown only after seeing other models and in this way you will not have regrets.

Once you have bought the bridal gown, try and observe some other models. You are going to see permanently models that seem ideal for you, but you don’t have to regret when you see these. No matter how gorgeous these gowns seem to you, don’t forget that you have made that purchase with the idea that this was the ideal piece for you!

So, it seems that you have to reduce some of the costs…. But where exactly can you cut from? Start with the bridal gown. Now, don’t think that we’re suggesting that you should renounce to the idea of wearing that beaded bridal gown that you have always been dreaming of! Oh no! Think that with a lower sum of money you can buy a simple wedding gown or you can rent a gorgeous model that can make all the people stare at you. Think of this aspect as well: you are not going to be able to wear the bridal gown once more after the wedding, so why shouldn’t you be more economical when it comes to this part?

The groom shouldn’t be omitted as well, because we have seen how lately men apply for groom suits that are made in the same tone as the bridal gown, maybe cream or white. Another tendency that we have seen concerns the vest and the tie of the bridal gown, which are made in the same tone as the elements used in the décor of the wedding reception.