The planning of a gay wedding ceremony

The steps that one takes when planning a gay wedding ceremony, should not be very different from those that a bride and a groom take when they plan their nuptials. However, there are some differences! In order to help you and to make things easier for you we are going to enumerate them for you and thus you won’t encounter many hardships when dealing with the preparation of your gay marriage.
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First of all, you should travel to a state where marriage is legal among same sex persons, such as: Canada, California, Massachusetts, Belgium, Holland, Spain, South Africa and so on. I believe you want to make it legal and you want to show the society that we live in that you are not different from any other couples.

So, you could have a destination wedding, if you don’t live in the states mentioned above. It will be a fun thing to do, an adventurous wedding and therefore we definitely encourage you to go for something like this.

However, if you don’t want such a ceremony, then you could take your partner, go to one of these states and make it legal.

The planning of a gay wedding ceremonyCredit
The planning of a gay wedding ceremony

But before that, you should plan thoroughly every detail for your wedding reception, by that we mean that you must think about every detail, just like a heterosexual couple would do, i.e. after the engagement, you must sate the date of your wedding reception, then you must look for a great wedding venue, in case you want your wedding to be big, or you must have a small ceremony that could venue be held in your house.

The next step would be for you to purchase your wedding invitations and to send them to your closest friends and the member of your family that have supported you and have accepted all your decisions.

As for the wedding party, you could have it either before the legalization of your relationship or after this civil marriage. It is all up to your preferences, budget and style. So, make sure that you will reveal your true self.