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Here at Redseven we recently ran a survey to find out all the gossip on stag and hen trends for 2011. We asked over 2,400 hens and stags a number of questions from what they spent they spent their money on and where they visited, to which celebrity stag and hen parties they’d like to have recreated.

According to our survey, the most popular destination in the UK for hens in 2011 was our very own capital, London. As for overseas the celebrity holiday destination Marbella was at the top of their must-visit list, thanks in part to a lot of publicity this year from the stars of The Only Way is Essex.

For stags however it was a little less surprising, with the most popular destination being Eastern Europe’s Riga, where the flights and booze are great value. For those remaining in the UK however a stag party in Bournemouth was still high on the cards.

Although 53% of stags admitted to being worried about their alcohol intake, interestingly it didn’t stop them from spending £168 per person on alcohol over their weekend! Thankfully hens were more reserved spending just £99 on drink in comparison.

As for the element of surprise it seems this is a concept mostly isolated to the ladies, with 44% of hens keeping the hen weekend destination a secret from the bride-to-be. Stags on the other hand only kept it a secret a low 14% of the time.

The average spends on treats for the bride-to-be was higher for hens with on average £16 spent on fancy dress and £17 on gifts. Stags were far more restrained though, spending roughly half the amount – most likely saving their money for alcohol!

When asked which celebrity hen or stag party they wished they could rereate, the Rooney’s cleaned up beating Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and Alex Reid. 40% of stags wanted to party on a luxury yacht in Ibiza like Wayne Rooney, whilst the ladies wished they could have jetted off to Miami to sunbathe and party like Coleen.

You can see more on these results in our infographic below, including the low percentage of stags and hens that flirted on their parties, showing that they were more interested in having fun and quality time with friends than chatting up the opposite sex which will be of reassurance to countless other halves.

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