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Free Bachelorette Party Games and Ideas

Bachelorette parties are often thrown for a bride with risqué themes, decorations, and prizes, along with plenty of alcohol, too.  A key ingredient in the fun of these parties, though, is the party games.  These games don’t have to cost anything (other than maybe some dignity) and can be a lot of fun with or without the alcoholic beverages!

One free game is a version of a trivia game, akin to Jeopardy, where guests prove how well they know their honored couple.  The party guests all write down a question for the bride to answer regarding herself or her fiancé.  The bride reads each question silently, and then states only the answer out loud.  Everyone else has to guess what the question was.  The person with the most correct “questions” wins!  Gag type prizes can really add to the merriment.

free bachelorette games

truth or dare bachelorette party

The old standby “Truth or Dare” can certainly be used to embarrass the bride or other members of the bridal party – either with the “truth” or the “dare.”  However, to make it more interesting, flip a coin after the truth question is asked, or the dare proposed.  If it’s heads, the person asking the question or proposing the dare should also be required to answer the question or do the dare herself!  Tails – she’s off the hook.

Bridal party members often help out the bride quite a bit in planning and carrying out a wedding, so it is only fitting that they also help the bride write out the “terms” of the marriage contract.  A fake marriage contract can be passed around the party, with each member contributing a term, for example: “the groom promises to always leave the toilet seat down”, or “the bride promises to always have beer and chips nearby during the Super Bowl.”  The better everyone knows the bride and groom, the more hilarious – or embarrassing – the contract will be!

Your bachelorette party fun and games are limited only by your imagination.  You can host a bachelorette party that can be enjoyed by anyone!

bachelorette party game ideas