Brighton hectic this may

Budgeting- The Hen Night

Brighton hectic this may

The average UK wedding budget averages at just over £16k. That is a considerable investment in the lead up to your special day.  I’ll just give a short list of a few contributing factors to the budget. Figures include the honeymoon at £3,200, Photography at £1,080, cake at £290, Venue at £4,600. Finally the hen night in the UK averages at £318. With all the other things to be included such as the wedding parties’ attire and transport and generally all the other planning for the day, the hen night can get lost in the mix. This is a short guide on how to make the most of your hen night whilst watching your budget.


1)      Have a good Financial Plan

Plan Plan Plan! There are many online sites that will give you template excel (or online calculators) listing all the wedding costs to take into consideration. If your plan is solid its less likely costs will spiral out of control and you will still have enough left for a decent hen night. If you have ever watched the BBC show ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ then you’ll be familiar with the scenario of the ‘anti-climax’ hen night after the budget has been run dry with the rest of the wedding planning. I’m sure the number of things to consider when planning a wedding can seem like too much, especially when problems start occurring, having the financial plan set and then passing this on to a trusting friend can help eliminate some of the stress for you. For example if you just your chief bridesmaid a budget for the hen night that your happy with, that’s one thing she’s taken off your hands.

2)      Spread The Cost with Guests

For some people this may be a given, you may expect your friends to pay for themselves because it’s the done thing when you go out. For others who are not so accustomed to asking people to pay it may be difficult. However if your reading this you’re interested in cutting costs and this is one easy way. Asking your hens to cover their own (or part) of their head costs would mean your able to have the best hen night at a fraction of the price. If you are too shy or proud to ask your hens to cover their cost then keeping the numbers low is another way to try and combat cost, 10 guests including yourself is the perfect number for a great hen night, sometimes you only need your very closest friends around. How about a joint hen party? If you have another friend who’s as lucky as you getting married around a similar time it’s likely you’ll be inviting some of the same hens, a great money saver would be a joint do were the both of you go halves on the hen party.

3)      Book something Fun!

You don’t want to see any of your budget going to waste, and this includes booking a mediocre hen night. You want be to confident your money has been well spent on an great experience for you and your closest friends.  How many nights out have you had where the club you choose wasn’t as you expecting, or the night was just ‘o.k.’ Planning your night through a hen company is one of the best ways to guarantee and a memorable day/night out. These companies have long formed relationships with venues and offer a range of activities, a sure way to make sure your hen party runs smoothly. Believe it or not there are comparisons sites live for you. Do your research on party packages for you to get the best deals and read reviews from previous parties. Pitch your ideas to your hens beforehand to make sure everyone is involved and on board (especially if you’re expecting them to pay!) Try out some new ideas which are gaining great popularity such as seduction classes, chocolate making and life drawing parties.


Most importantly don’t stress, the hen night arrives at the end of the planning and headache. If you’ve set your budget, left the party in the trusted hands of your close friends, all will be well!

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