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Hen do abroad or hen do at home – how to choose & things to consider…

How do you decide whether to have a local hen party or pack your bags and have a hen party abroad? Well for most, the common misconception is that they can’t afford a hen weekend away but you’ll be surprised. Hen weekends abroad (or if you’re a male reader – stag weekends abroad) aren’t as expensive as you think. However, a local “do” has its pros too. So how do you choose?  Well let’s break it down…


O.K. lets’ be honest, the UK is not known for its sunny and warm climate. In the summer perhaps but that’s only about 2 months of the year here (maybe even 2 weeks depending on where in the UK you are!) Whereas Europe has many sunny locations such as Marbella, Ibiza and the appropriately named Sunny Beach (we’re not making that up, it really is a place in Europe!) So maybe don’t stay in the UK if sun is what you’re after…


Now here’s where the UK holds its own.  Because whatever our EU cousins have – we have too (give or take!) So if its hen do ideas you’re looking for (or stag do ideas) then there’s plenty to do both here and abroad. Although we won’t deny that a Boat cruise would probably be far more fun if the weather wasn’t cold, there are some things we do better. Burlesque lessons in Brighton are considered to be some of the best and our spas rival those of our foreign friends any day. So it really depends on what you want to do on your “do”.


Now we mentioned price earlier and we have to address the fact that it really is the main factor when deciding where you want to go. Now in general it’s cheaper to have a hen do in the UK… or is it? Because for the price of a luxury London hen weekend (£120) you and the girls could save a bit extra and go for a sunny Tenerife hen weekend (£91.00) instead! That cost however doesn’t include flights (and those are our prices – other websites will offer different prices!)

So whether you fancy a hen weekend in Brighton (or a Brighton stag do) think about whether or not you’re actually underestimating your financial capabilities.  After all, if you do your research and not indulge in “treat lattes” for a few weeks you could probably be able to afford an exciting hen holiday abroad that all the girls will be talking about for years to come! But if you want to save a few pounds and not indulge then there’s nothing wrong with good old Blighty!