Hen Activities for Adventurous Ladies

Not all ladies want the typical hen party. The thought of lazing around in a spa all day and then onto fancy restaurants and clubs may seem like a nightmare for some. Some ladies want adventure and excitement on their hen weekend, and why shouldn’t they have it?

Across the UK there are some top spots for adventure activities that are ideal for groups of hens who want to try something a little out of the ordinary. This guide has been put together to demonstrate the top five adventure activities and the places they are best at so that all hens who are looking for some action can get a good idea of exactly what is on offer.

1. Surfing
Surfing is the classic activity that everybody should try at least once, and where better to try it than Polzeath, Cornwall, a key destination for Prince William. Polzeath is on the north coast of Cornwall and plays host to a quaint village and a stunning beach. The beach is world renowned for surfing, perfect for a hen weekend! Learning to surf isn’t easy but it sure is a good bonding experience, which really is what a hen party is all about. Learn to pop up and ride the waves whilst enjoying some quality time with your best friends!

Polzeath has the most perfect beach to learn to surf on

2. Woodland Survival
If you would prefer to not get so wet but still want an adventure, maybe a woodland survival trip is perfect for you. In the wilderness of South Wales you can be taught how to light a fire, how to identify safe mushrooms and how to build your own woodland shelter, amongst other survival techniques. This again is an excellent bonding experience which will have all of your adventurous hens satisfied!

Learn to build your own wooden shelter in Wales

3. Coasteering
Coasteering is the new ‘must do’ activity which entails following coastal trails, free jumping into the sea and finding the hidden coves of North Devon. Without a trained Coasteering expert there would be parts of Devon that you never thought were accessible. This is a fantastic activity that will fill you and your hens full of life long memories!

The North Devon coast is waiting to be explored by hens

4. Kayaking / Canoeing
There is no better place to try out kayaking or canoeing with your group of hens than the Norfolk broads. These exhilarating tours will have you all at one with nature. These trips on the Broads can be teamed up with staying in a canal boat perfectly, for a relaxing and out of the ordinary hen weekend.

Visit the Norfolk Broads for a relaxing hen weekend

5. Parkour
If you would prefer to have an adventure in the city with your hens then a Parkour session is the best activity for you. Imagine seeing London from a whole new perspective? Learn how to free run and jump around your favourite city with your best friends. Let a trained Parkour teacher show all of your hens the tricks of their trade!

Parkour is a high adrenaline sport that will have hens begging for more

There are lots of adventure activities on offer and the moment that are fantastic for groups of hens who are looking to try something a bit different. If you are looking to seek adrenaline there are so many spots in the UK where you can do this alongside some of the more traditional activities of a hen party!

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