How To Plan A Joint Bachelor & Bachelorette party

photo credit: Neil Melville-Kenney via photopin cc
photo credit: Neil Melville-Kenney via photopin cc

When it comes to weddings and wedding planning, most men don’t really like to get involved (the key word here being “most” not “all”.) Mainly because all they’re concerned about is going on an exciting, all singing, all dancing (O.K. maybe more like “all drinking, all dancing”) stag.

However recently we’ve noticed a large influx in couples wanting joint pre-nuptial celebrations. Confused? So were we! But due to the economic climate some couples are trying to save wherever possible, hence the joint dos. So in light of this recent micro-trend (and the fact that we’ve had to organise a few of these “Sten Dos” ourselves) here are some tips and things to consider before organising one…

Nominate a team leader

We’re sure your familiar with the term “too many cooks spoil the broth” which is why nominating a team leader to orchestrate the “Sten Do” is a good idea. That way someone will always be in control of the situation and the generally planning of the party. Plus it’ll also eliminate the problem of people not knowing who’s in charge.

Make sure everyone wants to go to the same place

If the boys want to go on an Ibiza stag do but the girls want to go on a London hen weekend then the joint party isn’t going to work. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to come to a decision/compromise. Our tip? Invite everyone round and write down on a piece of paper where everyone wants to go. Once you’ve done that you can start the process of elimination. Go through the list and debate about which destination you’re all willing to go to (and how much you’re willing to pay!)

Make sure the activities are unisex and fair

Paint balling? Spa day? Strip club? Salsa dancing? How do you choose? Again it’s time for another sit down with the group (and probably a few cocktails just so you can get through it) to discuss what you all want to do during your “Sten Do.” Probably best to pick unisex activities that everybody will enjoy like, a booze cruise, party bus or a casino night. After all, there’s nothing more depressing than going on a “Beyoncé dance experience” only to discover that the boys are better at the routine than you are.

Pick a unisex group theme (if you’re going to have one!)

Picking “Burlesque” may be a fun theme for the girls but unless you like seeing the groom’s friends prance around in stockings and corsets then it’d be best to pick a more gender neutral theme. Some of the best “Sten Do” themes we’ve seen are “Cowboys and Indians” (personally we love a man in wrangler gear), “80’s Yuppies”, “Army”, “1920’s Great Gatsby” and “Doctors and Nurses.” Now you may opt not to have a theme but in our opinion it really helps brings everyone together.

Other than the points above, organising a “Sten Do” shouldn’t be a nightmare. Just remember to communicate with the other members of your group often and let them know about any changes or issues (probably a good idea to have all their numbers then!) should you come across is any.

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