save money on wedding
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8 New Age Ways to Cut Costs on Your Wedding Day

save money on wedding
photo credit: Villa de Amore via photopin cc

Cut Costs on Your Wedding Day. 8 Tips. 

Getting excited about your dream wedding, but worried about the costs? While reality TV and celebrity news may have us convinced that we all deserve to bankrupt ourselves having the perfect wedding, you don’t have to.

Instead, there are plenty of fun, new ways you can cut costs and still have a gorgeous event. Read on to learn eight new age ways to cut costs on your wedding day.

1. Use e-cards for invitations

Since everyone just puts everything into electronic calendars anyway, why not get with the trends and send a electronic invitation and save-the-date, which guests can put right into their iPhones? Not only will you save on postage, you’ll also be able to skip the trip to the pricey stationary shop.

2. Allow bridesmaids to use dress rentals

Instead of making each member of your bridal party cough up for an ugly dress she’ll never wear again, just use a dress rental service. If the groomsmen can rent their tuxes, why not let the ladies do the same?

3. Use apps instead of hiring a wedding planner

Since DIY everything is all the rage now, why not jump on board and plan your own wedding? You won’t have to pay for a wedding planner and you’ll get to control exactly what happens at the event. It’s your wedding after all!

4. Rent a dress for the rehearsal dinner

Instead of paying for a pricey rehearsal dinner dress in addition to your wedding gown, you can rent a nice outfit and save a lot of money.

5. Use an app instead of a DJ

Trying to decide what music to play at your wedding? There’s an app for that. Use My Wedding DJ to choose the tunes you want and avoid paying for a professional DJ.

6. Arrange your own flowers

Some floral arrangements cost more than others, especially if you want exotic blooms or flowers that are out of season. Instead, pick flowers from your own garden and arrange them yourself for a personal touch.

7. Serve appetizers instead of a full course meal

You don’t have to provide a full three courses. Instead serve tasteful appetizers that everyone can snack on.

8. Buy a canceled wedding

While this may sound a bit tacky, it’s a very common way to save money on weddings these days. Buy a canceled wedding and save a bundle!

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