Shoes to be worn in the big day

Christian Louboutain one of the most famous designers would say that he would feel really sad if he heard someone telling that his shoes are looking really comfortable – from this statement one can say that the more extravagant the shoes look, the more uncomfortable they are and that’s the pure truth.

shoes to be worn in the big day

For the wedding day we should try and find a compromise in what concerns looking impeccable, but in the same time you have to have the aptitude of dancing and walking for kilometers from all your guests. This is why you should follow some steps when it comes to choosing the wedding shoes if it’s permitted to be said in this way.
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Let’s start with the first aspect that concerns: the appropriate height.

Even if you’re a fan of the heels that are not that tall for the wedding day, it’s better to choose a pair of shoes that has a medium heel and very well anchored. Avoid thin heels or the shapes of it that don’t feel that comfortable.

Ballerina shoes should be also taken into account!

If you’re a mignonette bride you would definitely renounce to ballerina shoes, but some times you have to take into account their comfort. And the models that you have at your disposal – they’re also really important.

You don’t have t shock through the height of the heel when you have a special model for the shoes you wear in the wedding day. In this manner, you’re going to succeed in having a fabulous pair of shoes even if they’re not that comfortable.

shoes to be worn in the big day 2

If you want a glamour wedding in the real meaning, then you shouldn’t forget to buy a pair of shoes sparkle. Don’t fear, they’re blessed by Mr. Louboutain in this year, so no one is going to think you failed in what concerns fashion.

Try different colors….

It seems that in the attention of brides there’s more the improbability of the white pair of shoes. We’re only glad and suggest different tones of purple or green for the year 2011.

Retro glam?

Probably you’re aware of the latest trend in what concerns the Hollywood stars wearing retro shoes. We think that you should be more and more inspired in what concerns their outfits and their shoes are more and more comfortable – don’t forget that your wedding is going to have a retro glam air which is super!

In other words, when you apply for a pair of shoes for the wedding day, browse between our suggestions and pieces of advice and you’re certainly going to end up with a really great pick! Indeed, our word is really important if you’re speaking of fashion, trends and most of all, of shoes and wedding dresses….