The bride’s high heeled shoes or sandals

Picking the appropriate shoes for your wedding dress seems a difficult situation for many brides. They can pick between sandals and high heeled shoes, these are the only available choices….and make sure these accessories fit perfectly to the dress, be it long or short!


Due to the fact that you`re going to wear those high heels all day long, it is recommendable you buy a pair of leather, medium and comfortable ones! Choose them simple, they`ll be more elegant! You can pick a pair of high heeled shoes with thin heels if you feel resistant, or with thick ones that will confer stability…You can choose between peep-toe shoes or normal high heels, it depends on how you want to feel and what inspires you the most!

Do you prefer sandals to high heeled shoes? It`s no problem! If your wedding takes place in summer you can wear some elegant sandals with fine straps in white, cream or any other nuance you like the most! Similar to the case of the shoes, you must pay attention to the heels. If the heel`s too big than your feet will get tired very quickly and you won`t feel good at all… remember, you are going to be dancing all night! Another aspect that must be taken into account is the straps! They shouldn`t be very thin cause they might break during the dance!


The sandals and the shoes must be chosen in the same nuance of the wedding dress, the colors chosen must be bright ones. If you choose a certain theme for your wedding dress then it must be applied to the shoes also! No matter what color or model you choose, make sure that these accessories make you feel good in the most important day of your existence!

Remember! You will going to dance all day and it`s a pity you don`t feel comfortable in the things you wear!