Wedding shoes

Especially if you’ve chosen a shorter wedding dress in which the shoes you’re going to wear are going to be emphasized then it’s necessary you take into account the wedding shoes for which you apply for.

If the wedding dress is simple, in the style of the 50s, tea length or created types pencil, then you need a pair of wedding shoes with personality to complete the outfit. But even if you have a longer wedding dress, it’s obvious to confer extra importance to the wedding shoes.

In an outfit that is worn in a ceremony the high heel shoes are considered a must have! So, the longer the fuller with sensuality they are. You’re going to find on the market models that are designed for all types and tastes and some of these are really sophisticated. Accordingly to the fabric from which they’re made of, the quality and the material from which they’re made of their price can be really high, but taking into account that it’s your wedding then it’s worth spending all your money.
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A pair of wedding shoes with insertions of precious stones and applied on the margins are going to cost you a fortune, but you’re certainly going to be successful if you apply for them.

A bow applied on one side or even on the frontal side of the wedding shoes are going to confer you an air of Cinderella. You don’t have to be greedy and leave the wedding shoes simple, especially if the rest of the outfit is simple – you have to accessorize these a little bit.

Don’t forget though that in the case in which your wedding shoes are going to be really charged then it’s necessary to renounce to your wedding jewelry in case they’re too charged as well; you could eventually wear a necklace that is really discrete and delicate, a pair of earrings with pearls as discrete as possible and of course the wedding ring as the unique piece of jewelry on the hands. You don’t want all the attention to be concentrated towards the shoes, or do you? In this case you have to place the accent on this marvelous pair of wedding shoes that are going to make you go out of clichés and due to which you’re going to be a really interesting presence.

A flower made of the same type of fabric like the one from which the wedding shoes are made of is a really appropriate accessory. You could even opt for the flower motif like in the case of other accessories, for example a hair accessory.

If you have short hair and wavy you can apply a flower in the hair and eventually some glittery details, in the last period you must have observed just how popular tiaras are….