Useful hints for picking bridal shoes

Apart from feeling uncomfortable in their bridal gowns, women have sometimes the bad luck of wearing in their bridal day a pair of bridal shoes, which at the first sight seemed really comfortable, and in the proper moment they seem to offer them problems.

The length of the wedding gown and the bridal shoes

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Not only do they have to wear a bridal gown that seems to tighten them up, but in the same time the bridal shoes for which they decide to apply for, have to offer them total comfort. An exercise that we recommend before making up your mind on a particular pair of shoes is to walk in your household wearing these and even the bridal gown – in this way you are able to avoid some discomforts in the wedding day. You don’t want to appear in the wedding photo album tired and unhappy, because at some time in the wedding ceremony you will feel that you simply cannot continue wearing those shoes.

The greatest idea is to buy a long bridal gown as to cover the feet and in this way you are able to choose a more comfortable pair of shoes, which will permit you to stay all day long and dance on your feet!

This is not the only aspect when it comes to choosing the bridal shoes, there’s also the problem of the height. Many brides risk wearing a pair of really high heel bridal shoes as to be tall and look slim, but they do not consider the matter of comfort.

Going back to the matter of the skirt’s length, we totally recommend you to take into account a floor length bridal gown as to be able to wear a pair of flat wedding shoes or even ballerina shoes. Although you may not be tall, you can apply for such pairs when it comes to dancing. And now comes the solution: wear two different pairs of bridal shoes and you have solved the problem! We recommend a pair of flats after you have worn the high heels for the pictures in the wedding photo album or you can renounce to the high heels, whenever you feel that your legs can’t stand the heels anymore.

useful hints for picking bridal shoesCredit
Useful hints for picking bridal shoes

The moments of the wedding and the bridal shoes

The main moments for which you may need to have one pair of shoes: one for the proper wedding ceremony and another pair for the wedding reception. For this matter, you can decide on two different types of bridal gowns as well.

So, you can apply for a tea length or short length bridal gown in the wedding ceremony and for a comfortable and loosened up floor length bridal gown during the wedding reception.

The first type of bridal gown will permit you to wear your high heel bridal shoes and make you look taller and slim for the wedding photos and the latter wedding dress permits you to wear flats or even ballerina shoes and so you will be able to dance all night long.

The wedding venue or space and the bridal shoes

At this level, we’re speaking about the area in which you decide to take your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

For instance, if you want your wedding to take place in an open air space, namely the beach or the garden, such spaces will not permit you to wear high heel bridal shoes. In this case, you totally need to apply for flats or the most comfortable shoes you can possibly find, because you don’t want your high heels to sink in the mud or sand, do you!?

Try the wedding shoes beginning from a month before the wedding

It’s important to try your wedding shoes on, in due time before the wedding, as we just mentioned previously. Not only you will see if you are able to wear these all day long during the wedding ceremony, but in the same time this is a chance for changing the pair you have already picked!

Also, this represents a great exercise, because you loosen the high heel bridal shoes up and this permits you to feel really comfortable in them.

Personalizing the bridal shoes

Nowadays, besides the fact that there are specialized designers for bridal shoes, you also have the possibility of customizing the bridal accessories with whatever details you wish. Besides applying for a particular pair of shoes, you also have the chance of adding them monogram stickers or crystals, really similar to the case of the wedding cake.

Now that we have mentioned about specialized designers for bridal shoes, let’s briefly recall two names, shall we? We were thinking of the Stuart Weitzman bridal shoes and the Benjamin Adams bridal shoes….