High heels in the wedding day

We all know just how important high heels are especially if we’re speaking about a special event when you have to look impeccable.

In the case in which the wedding dress that you’ve applied for is shorter then it’s necessary to adopt a pair of high heels that are as sophisticated as possible.

Even if you have a long wedding dress, the high heels that you apply for are going to make you look taller and they’re going to offer you a plus of elegance. A woman wearing high heels isn’t just taller, but she seems thinner and sexier, and many tell that they make her look feminine.
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It’s true that the high heels make your legs look longer your body looking thinner. It’s not news that the high heels have a negative effect over our health.

It’s logical that our wrists, muscles and bone structure have much too suffer. In addition, the blemishes and feet aches are going to become regular problems when it comes to women.

How can you take advantage of high heels without pain and especially you’re not an advocate of the high heels, you’re going to feel a sharp ache after some hours passed on the high heels.

While the doctors advise you to throw away all kinds of shoes that create discomfort, this thing seems impossible, due to the fact that you always want to look great.

The knees seem to be the first victims of the high heels. Wearing them affects our spine. You have to take into account that during the wedding reception you’re not going to be permitted to stay on the chair, so you have to be active all the time, so you can’t afford risking your back and knees to hurt.

The high heels determine you to move your heels in the superior side, your center weight is modified and it’s pushed in the front side. So, the high heels accentuate the natural curve of the spine, forcing the pelvis in the front side.

The higher the heel is, the more your body position has to change in order to compensate the difference. The center of weight is pushed towards the front side, the body tends to push the shoulders in the back side in order to counterbalance. From this results that incorrect and tense body position.

If you’re not familiarized at all with wearing high heels then we suggest you to make exercises before the wedding day. It may seem funny, but it’s better in this way. Take a book and place it on your head and try to walk with the back straight.

With all of these, reasons for being preoccupied aren’t that many, it’s important to be sure of you and feel relaxed. It depends very much on the centimeters that you’re going to have on your heels, but no matter how high these are it’s important to know these tricks we’ve just mentioned about!