Wedding Inspiration – Colored Wedding Shoes

More and more brides are getting non conformist nowadays and they choose to incorporate a lot of color in the wedding attire, wedding shoes included. And if you are one of those who simply cannot find any link between your personality and traditionalism, then colored shoes are the best thing to go for.
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Sand, ivory, peach are the shades that charm most women these days and how could they not when they can improve your aspect substantially. However, when it comes to shoes, more daring nuances are just as accepted. First and foremost, you need to establish a color scheme for your wedding reception.

If you go for a combination such as white and red, for instance, then there is no question whatsoever as to what color should your shoes bear. Of course, there are many shades of red, so you will have to settle upon one and follow it throughout the entire attire and décor.

Wedding Inspiration – Colored Wedding ShoesCredit
Wedding Inspiration – Colored Wedding Shoes

But why settle for just one color when there are so many beautiful ones out there? If you host a summer wedding and you want it to be a true color explosion your shoes cannot make an exception. Therefore, some pumps with a yellow heel, a blue sole and a fuchsia body will integrate perfectly.

A bling wedding will lose its meaning if you do not wear a pair of shoes that feature rhinestones or sparkle of any kind. They have to stand out as much as possible and they have to match the rest of the accessories, namely the earrings, the bracelet, the necklace and the dress beads.

Do not be afraid to choose bold colors. If your wedding happens to be in the fall, for example, shades of orange and yellow are most recommended. For a fairytale wedding, pink and black is a great combination while for a royal theme golden is more than appropriate.

The style and type of the shoes is quite important, as well. You should consider that the height of the heel will have a strong impact on the comfort of your feet throughout the day. Also, if it is summer, you should also seriously think about wearing sandals. They are a better option, especially if you live in a very hot area.