Every bride should take care of her skin

You desire to be a coquette bride, don’t you? For this aspect, one must purchase the perfect dress, the ideal shoes, to get a magnificent wedding makeup, and to obtain a one of a kind bridal hairstyle. If you know what you need and if you have enough money to buy all these products, it may sound too easy, doesn’t it? Well, the catch is (because it always has to be a catch) that in order to expose that great and fresh look, one must have a beautiful and healthy skin.
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We understand the fact that you may not want to spend your money on “miraculous” products, or that you simply do not have enough money to afford paying for some expensive treatments; which is why we have some piece of advice for you which will most definitely help you exhibit a clean skin tone.

First of all you should squeeze half a lemon, in a glass of water and then, you should add a few slices of cucumber. Next, soak a cotton ball in the liquid from the glass and wipe your face. Both the lemon and the cucumber are known as strong astringents that will help you remove the sebum and the impurities from your face. Besides that, it is a general fact that the lemon and the cucumber are good sources of vitamins.

In order to remove blackheads and to cleanse the skin of dead cells, you will need a scrub, or a peeling. For this thing, you will have to mix in a bowl some cereals with some mashed papaya. This will help you clean the skin and it will definitely leave it smooth and soft.

Every bride should take care of her skinCredit
Every bride should take care of her skin

After you have cleaned your face you will need a nourishing mask, which can be prepared even at your home. Mix in a bowl 2 tablespoons of yogurt with some strawberries cut into slices. Apply this mix on your face, let it act on your skin and then remove it with a semi-wet towel.

The last step is the hydration for which you will need a moisturizer cream. You could purchase the cream appropriate for your skin tone, from your local store. Keep in mind that is should not be very expensive, but it should be moisturizing. After you have bought the right cream, apply it on your face with circular moves, as if you would do a light massage.

As you have noticed, you do not need expensive or sophisticated products, but only time to take care of skin your skin.