Songs that can be used for the bride and groom’s dance

The music is very important when it comes to a wedding ceremony. It’s important when the bride comes towards the altar, but most of all it’s important to be used in a suitable manner in the salon and at the party after the religious ceremony.

For this matter you should hire a DJ or orchestra and some time ago we proposed some suggestions regarding this matter. We don’t want to be redundant and today we’re going to propose some song names that can be appropriate for certain moments.

songs that can be used for the bride and groom's dance

You probably must know that there can be used different songs when the bride tosses the bouquet or when the couple dances together or when the bride dances with her father and so on…. So for these special moments we have some titles that may certainly be in your interest!
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So let’s start with the moment in which the two decide to dance, meaning the bride and the groom…. For this special moment there is needed to be chosen a soapy song that gives all the guests goose bumps or makes them smile in an enchanting manner. Here are some titles that you certainly know….

We start with Pink Martini’s song Amado mio. This is a really soapy melody and it’s really according to this moment special moment. The couple dancing will be certainly be admired by all the guests and you can be sure of that! The trumpets will certainly make you dance in a great manner that is the both of you.

songs that can be used for the bride and groom's dance2

The next song we propose is Leonard Cohen’s Dance me to the end of love, which is a very romantic piece. You can just feel shivers when you can hear the singing voice…. It’s a song that can be perfectly danced by all the guests because it will produce a mass melancholy and you’ll all feel this temptation.

Let’s just admit it: it’s a marvelous piece that needs to be used in your wedding day. Most of you may say that these songs are kind of old, but these will never fade away, because these are magnificent!

Another shivering song is Anastasia’s Once upon a December. This is also a breathtaking song that will certainly make the two of you feel really in love with each other. Her warm voice will make all your guests remain without words and will simply watch the two of you in your great dance.

songs that can be used for the bride and groom's dance3

The last song is Lara Fabian’s Je T’aime song. It’s another song that will make you cry in other circumstances, but in this ambient it will only make your heart beat faster. This can be perfectly used as the basic song for the couple in the purpose of realizing their dance.

So good luck in recollecting the songs that you want to be played at your wedding and we promise to come back with some other suggestions…. Also we’ll offer you some names for the other moments in your wedding ceremony.