Choosing the DJ for your wedding day 2

As we mentioned in our previous article choosing the DJ for the wedding day can be a really hard task in comparison with other things that you’re expected to do when it comes to organizing your own wedding.

Ok, so after you’ve read our pieces of advice concerning the first steps that should be done when it comes to choosing the right DJ for your wedding ceremony. You need to ask him whether he performs emcee duties or not: you may need to place some announcements and things like that and someone surely needs to speak.

The format of the music played is really important. And how is that? Well, you have to find out what kind of music formats is this DJ willing to play: MP3s, vinyl records or CDs. These are really important when it comes to seeing how effective a DJ is or not. There are a lot of DJs that have new digital stuff and these are highly useful when it comes to a successful wedding.

Also, in case of emergencies there’s needed a backup system. This one will surely be effective in case an unpleasant thing happens and the music will be affected. You don’t know what are the exact conditions in that salon you’re making the reception and you wouldn’t want to see sad faces, would you? Of course, the DJ should be the most disappointed of you all in case of such an accident. We just hope you the best in this case and also we wouldn’t want any accidents to happen….
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A thing that makes your DJ highly effective is the audio equipment that he holds. Depending on how expensive is his equipment you’re going to see whether he is in love with his field of activity or not. We’re offering you some hints and you draw the conclusions…. If you see names like Crown, ElectroVoice, JBL, Denon or QSC these demonstrate the fact that your DJ is serious in what he does. On the other hand, if you encounter names like: Tech, American DJ, MTX, NEXT, Peavey Sound, Gemini or FBT should determine you reconsider this DJ, because these names indicate a poorer sound quality and this isn’t quite a great thing.

These being said, we hope we could be helpful in your decision that you make when it comes to choosing the appropriate DJ for your wedding. Be on the lookout because we will indicate you some other helpful hints that will definitely turn out to be useful when it comes to choosing the right person to play music in the greatest day of your life.