Music at the wedding

Music is really important when we’re speaking of weddings…. Sometimes it can crash a party and in other cases it can save one, it makes the people come together and many other functions can be added to it! No matter if you apply for a live band, an orchestra, a DJ or you choose to put the music on yourself with your own hands, the choices that you make are going to be defining when it comes to how the party takes place.

Wedding songs are only some of the things that your guests are going to recall really easy and you have to make sure that you place your personal print over the music that you choose and not to leave the orchestra or the DJ the type of music they want to listen to.

music at the wedding

The music that you choose is going to seem useful when it comes to creating the needed atmosphere in the day of your wedding. Even if for some it can seem without important, if you choose to have a wedding in which all your guests should feel great, you have to pay extra attention to choosing the music that reflects your feelings and personality.
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After all you’re going to want your guests recall your wedding not only for the great music that you’re listening to, but also for the gorgeous atmosphere that you’ve just created, which is in perfect coordination with the couple’s personality.

Here are some of the things that you have to take into account when it comes to creating the playlist….

If your wedding has a specific theme (Italian, medieval, vintage and so on) you have to choose a musical style that can be placed in theme that you’ve just chosen.

music at the wedding 2

If you choose a tune for the first dance, you have to pay extreme attention. Don’t hesitate to offer importance to the lyrics of the song and exercise several times for the dance on the rhythm of the music in order to make sure that you don’t get out of the rhythm.

Choose a song that has a special significance for both of you, not a classical song or popular in that particular moment….

When you choose the music you can ask the opinion of the ones close to you, you don’t have to maintain a strict line! Any recommendation is welcomed….

You’re going to want that your guests feel relaxed and included in the atmosphere of the wedding. A simple modality of realizing this thing is to choose a special song for a certain guest and for dedicating it to him.

A key element is making the playlist and as if we’re speaking of a scenario that has an introduction as well as how the action takes place, with the culminant point and the final.

A happy ending, of course…. It’s important to have music on the background in the moments in which the dishes are served.

Make sure that you offered clear instructions to the band, the DJ and any other persons that are involved in the part with the music. In this way you’re going to know exactly what music you’re going to have and if you have time for breathing.