The DJ in a wedding

This time we’re only going to discuss about the DJ in a wedding. He has a really important role when it comes to a wedding and that this one ends up being really successful. A DJ can ruin or save a wedding, he is a master of ceremonies, the person with the microphone in his hand and the one that makes everybody dance and sing throughout the night. A good DJ is the one that will listen to the pieces of advice that you offer to you, one that is accordingly your expectations and that organizes the wedding together with the couple. So, for all of these you should definitely pink him carefully!

Choosing the music that you have in your wedding day is the most important thing when it comes to planning an event of such importance like the wedding is. The music gives the tone of the entire wedding ceremony from the first song up to the last one.

the DJ in a wedding

Although all these details may seem hard to keep into account and the perfect DJ can be really hard to find, we’re certain that you see the DJ and the music that he plays as a way of showing originality.
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First of all, when you’re looking for a DJ make sure that you search for one that plays music accordingly to all tastes. The wedding should definitely resemble your personality and in the same time it should make the guests feel great. Look on the guest list and make sure that you study it hard and think what they would love to listen and dance on.

Of course, the friends are really important, but you also have to take into account the relatives and parents. A good DJ will make each of your guest feel as if the DJ has a song dedicated only for him and this will definitely make him get up and dance with a wide smile on his face.

Discuss with the DJ about the playlist, the level of the sound and the audience, ask him all the things that you want to know and share with him exactly what your expectations are. Don’t hesitate to ask for some suggestions, these are important as well….

The price of the DJ is really important, but not between the defining factors. Some DJs can ask less because they’re less experienced or don’t have the necessary equipment. Some charge the bill because they have a reputation and a wide repertoire, they also have an astonishing sound as well as great lights and the effect that they create with these is definitely great.

Be sure that you’re going to receive some other tips in what concerns picking your DJ for the wedding and we’re certain that they’re going to be useful eventually.