7 mistakes to avoid when planning your next outdoor soiree

Everybody loves a little outdoor soiree – whether it is a small picnic for a group of friends, or a large scale marquee event that accommodates hundreds of guests, outdoor events always have a touch of grandiose and sparkle to them. Many of us share the love of feeding our friends, entertaining, eating and drinking outside. However, during such festivities, we know that not everything always goes according to plan. As an event planner, keeping your guests healthy, happy and content at an outdoor soiree is key. Here are seven common outdoor soiree planning mistakes that you definitely do not want to make!

1. Not Having Appropriate Shelter
There is nothing worse than having to be scorched by the sun or drenched by rain at an outdoor party – it is a sure fire way of ruining the festivities. Hiring a marquee at your next outdoor event is a fantastic way of weather-proofing your celebration.

2. Leaving Food Out In The Sun
Leaving certain foods out in the sun for too long could potentially be a tummy ache waiting to happen the day after your event. Make sure that cakes, desserts and iced sweets are kept in a refrigerated unit or a cooler box, and not left under the sun as they may melt and look visually unappealing. As for savoury items, ensure that burners are kept on under catering dishes and are not left out for more than a few hours. Perishable foods that sit out longer than two to three hours are considered unsafe to eat and should be thrown out.

3. Not Planning For Unwanted Guests
No, we are not talking about that pesky neighbour who has invited themselves to your outdoor event – we are talking about insects and bugs that choose to make an unwanted guest appearance. Make sure that you are equipped with a few bug zappers which are crafted to look like attractive lanterns these days (gone are the days of unsightly looking bug killers!). A good idea would be to provide your guests with mini bottles of bug spray as extra protection as well.

4. Leaving Flowers In The Sun For Too Long
Many people love decorating their outdoor events with a variety of flowers – what better than some beautiful blooms to compliment your outdoor extravaganza? However, flowers that are created for events such as parties and weddings are carefully arranged and and not meant to withstand hours of heat under the sun. If you leave your flowers out for too long, they will inevitably wilt. To avoid wilting altogether, speak to a florist and plan for sturdier flowers such as Gerbera Daisies that can withstand the weather a little better.

5. Serving More Bubbly Than Water
Like any fantastic party, there are going to be alcoholic drinks – cocktails, champagne, sangrias and margaritas. There is so much to choose from that people often forget to drink plain water. When an event is hosted outdoors, however, alcohol can have dangerous effects on the human body. Dehydration can happen quite quickly when people are sat under the sun, and often before guests even realize they are thirsty! Remember to provide guests with multiple bottles of water to rehydrate and keep everyone safe!

6. Forgetting Guest Conveniences
Overlooking simple conveniences such as portable restrooms for an outdoor event can leave your guest both dissatisfied and uncomfortable. Make sure that there are clean restrooms available nearby for all your guests to use!

7. Not Checking Up On All Ordinances
It is easy to get carried away when having fun at a party or event, but always make sure to check what the noise regulations in the area are. Is noise prohibited after a certain time at the venue of your outdoor soiree? It is also advised to look into fire and safety codes just to make sure that should anything go awry, you are on top of the game and ready to handle it.

With a little pre-planning, precaution and keeping these 7 mistakes in mind, you will be able to throw one of the best outdoor parties or events that everyone will be talking about for months to come!