Acknowledging Boss’s Daughter’s Wedding

The CEO of the company we work for is the mother of the bride, We are a good sized company, 300+ employees, and our boss is very dear to all of us. What is the etiquette for showing our support? None of us know her daughter personally but want to do something for her wedding. We’re just not sure what to do. It would be something from the “company”. Do you have any suggestions?

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Breonne,

This is a very difficult situation, because gifts could appear as apple polishing, unless everyone’s child is recognized at work. All should receive the same treatment if the “company” is giving. If a gift is given, it should be a group gift and nothing too extravagant. There should be no shower because the daughter doesn’t work there.

Be careful with this. Cards are fine and probably better than doing too much.

Best wishes,