Lesbian bridesmaids

I want my sister and her partner to be my two bridesmaids, since they are my two closest friends. I know I will never get either of them in a dress, so what would be appropriate for them to wear – tuxedos like the groomsmen, or nice pants outfits or suits? This is a casual outdoor wedding in the afternoon.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Lesbian Bridesmaids,

Typically if you had chosen male attendants, you would dress them as the groomsmen. So, you probably want to avoid that. Actually, casual and outdoors during the day doesn’t equal tuxes for the men either. Tuxedos are for the evening. A suit for the men would be fine for a casual wedding during the day, but all of this is your choice.

Now, for the more difficult… no dresses, huh? We wouldn’t want them to be dressed too similarly to the men. However, if there is no way to get them into dresses, you will have to put them into outfits they, and you, feel comfortable wearing. Perhaps suits in the same formality as your dress and in those same colors would be perfect.

Go shopping and look around for suits in material and colors similar to yours. Of course if you are wearing all white, you may dress them in colors that you would have chosen for dresses.

Best wishes,

Lori of ModelBride.com

I would treat their outfits just as you would if you were looking for bridesmaid dresses. You don’t want your sister and her partner to look like the groomsmen. If they feel more comfortable wearing pants, then look for an elegant pant suit. A pair of solid pants with a pretty silk or beaded top would look perfect. Since the wedding is outdoors, a sleeveless top would probably be best.

Good luck,