7 Tips For Drone Wedding Photography

Sure you might just be shooting a wedding that’s in one of the best locations you could ever think of. Now with aspects that only dreams could capture, you’re looking at the best possible way to capture the entire event in all its rich and fascinating glory. Drones are now quickly becoming some of the latest, most fashionable trends and if you want wedding footage done in true, grandiose cinematic style, they are undoubtedly your best bet all the way.
Even though there are automated drones doing the rounds, it would be better to hire a professional that really knows his/her job. Here are a few things that you will need to keep in mind though :-

Noise Disruption

Most of us already of this fact – drones are anything but quiet. You certainly wouldn’t want a painfully loud whirring noise during the time when the couple are busy exchanging vows now would you? In most cases during the important events, it is advisable to keep the drones grounded for the time being.


 This is quite the no-brainer. Since it takes a fair amount of time in that aspect plus the technology is startlingly new as well, this should come as no surprise to anyone that it is quite expensive on the whole. Not just that, but also the case that most drone wedding photographers don’t seem to offer the videography/photography part as a mere standalone aspect either.


Even though you may think that having a drone could save you an endless amount of time that you would have to otherwise spend overlooking every aspect of the wedding, this is not always the case. Capturing the perfect aerial shots do take their own share of time as well and it is imperative that you take a strategic approach towards getting the shots that you need. All that planning needs to be done extremely carefully while perpetually keeping the overall time of the wedding in mind.

Bad Weather and Wind

If there happens to be predictions of rain, well then that’s just sheer bad luck then. There’s just no way that any of your drones will be flying that day. The same is true in the case of strong winds as well. Apart from the risk element, the last thing you would want is for your drones to start falling on you poor unsuspecting guests.


Even though you might think that you have most of the situation under control, things are quite literally in the air. Once your drone loses control (which does tend to happen a lot more than people realise) there’s just no telling what might happen. Properly done and thoroughly researched drone insurance will have you covered as far as damages and injuries are concerned.

At the end of the day, when examined thoroughly the possibilities can be quite frankly, mind blowing. After something like that, there just no way that any traditionally done wedding album can even compare to actual aerial footage. Not only do you get to capture the entirety of the venue as well, but also the spellbinding view of an early sunrise or even sunset. Be it a dji inspire or any other similar drone model, once you lay your hands on any one of them there is truly no stopping you.