Silk flowers in Eiffel tower vases

I am using the 16″ eiffel tower vases to decorate our reception. We are using silk flowers. What type of insert do we use to keep the flowers from moving around?[crazy]

Weddings by Shayna

Normally you’d use some floral foam which would rest in the top of the vase only, with enough greenery or flowers overlapping the edge that it could not be seen. Or criss-crossed floral tape at the top into which the stems are placed.


If you’re struggling with this, you might want to make an appointment with a local flower shop – (good) silk flowers rarely save money, and florists have amazing sources of ideas that can both save money and save your own time and aggravation – and most are glad to use your containers or vases. Just a thought.


Thank you for your info.

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

This sort of depends on the style of the arrangement. Eiffel towers need to be well weighted and balanced. I would strongly recommend you get oasis wedding belle holders and insert them into the top. ( There is also a silver toned version called the “elegant bouquet holder ” that might be preferable if that area will show at all. ) Both have perfectly straight handles and that is a must. A really nice thing about this is they can be put into the towers on site quite easily. Another good tip would also be to get a can of Lomey floral lock. It is an adhesive you can insert right into the foam so the stem wire does not slip out. If you cannot find these products at the large craft stores then contact a local florist shop and have them order them for you, they should be easy to get. [:)] Go lostmom! Find the way!