Not Inviting Sibling to Wedding

I am getting married this December and am getting ready to send out invitations. My fiance and I have talked about not inviting his sister to the actually ceremony. Before everyone says don’t invite her I want to make a few things clear. I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. I am doing this so that I don’t regret being mad my entire wedding day. I am having a very small 15 people ceremony and am not inviting two of my younger brothers. I am also going to do a court house ceremony with more of both of our families attending ( my fiances sister, my grandpa, my little brothers, etc). The court house ceremony is going to be just as big as the one in Telluride. I also want to make it clear that his sister has treated me terribly. I have known her for 3 years and she has flipped out on me multiple times. Most recently she flipped out on me because I was eating rice crackers she thought I took away from her. During this flip out she called me a b****, told me I was a terrible person, and said she has never had and never will want to get to know me. I have never been called her names or raised my voice at her. Now every time I see her I have such bad anxiety that I am getting physically sick ( vomiting/ diarrhea). I understand that she is my fiances sister but he doesn’t want her there either. I am just worried that his parents will hate me for not inviting her. So my question is can I not invite her to my wedding in Telluride?

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

No one expects to have to invite a guest wo\ho would be abusive, but I’m not sure if this behavior can be deemed abusive. You and your fiance need to decide who you’ll invite to your wedding — together. Seems like you have excluded some other family members too, so I’m guessing there might be more to this story (and with family, there usually is).

I’m more concerned about why you’d be having 2 wedding ceremonies. You only need to get married once.

Dr. Meredith Hansen Find Love. Get Love. Keep Love.

I agree with Wedding Queen. I am wondering why there is a need for two ceremonies. Your wedding ceremony is your opportunity to commit to your spouse in front of the people who will support your marriage. Take some time as a couple to discuss your plans and decide who you would both like present the day you officially get married. If you continue to feel overwhelmed with this decision, it may be helpful to reach out for professional support to help clarify, process, and resolve this issue.