acknowledgement of vendors in the wedding program

Good afternoon, my sister did the hair & makeup of friends who were in a wedding this past Saturday. 1 of the girls told my sister her name was in the program; it wasn’t. Their mother/coordinator told my sister, her name shouldn’t have been in it b/c she wasn’t part of the bridal party. There were other names in the program who weren’t part of the bridal party. Shouldn’t anyone who provides a service be mentioned in the program? Even if there was no acknowledgement in the program, how about in public @ the reception? [:)] Thanks in advance.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites,

Wedding prpograms typically list the order of events, prayers and instructions for guests. You would only list the names of the officiant, members of the bridal party and anyone directly involved in the ceremony such as the organist, soloist, and readers but no mention of the vendors not directly invlved with the ceremony (DJ, photographer, make-up artist, etc) should be made.

Usually, these vendors are being paid and you would not aknowledge them. If your sister provided this service as a kind gesture to her friend then she should not expect to receive anything but a thank you form the bride and the ladies in the wedding party.