Using a PO Box on wedding invitation return address

Our return address is a PO box and I’m wording exactly how to word it. My invitations are in the proofing stage right now and the first proof I just got back says, “P.O. box XXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXX” and I just wondered if it should be “Post Office box” and also should the numbers be written out? If they should, which should be capitalized. There are 5 numbers in it also so it makes it a little more confusing as typing them all out would be long.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Jubilee,

PO Box and the numbers are fine. There is no reason to spell them out.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the info. That is what I will go with.

I wonder why my original post was edited. There was clearly nothing offensive in it.

I love when mods on forums love throwing around their power on petty things. You may as well remove me as a member since I’m sure that would be your next move anyway.

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The rules you agreed to upon sign up included one question per post. There is a good reason for this. But, you obviously have no appreciation for the free advice and the numerous hours we all spend answering you at no charge so – yes – I will remove your access. You should really reconsider your ENTITLED attitude. We owe you nothing.