Moving abroad after wedding – what about bridal shower gifts

I am not sure what to do for my bridal shower as far as gifts are concerned. I will be moving out of the country so I can’t have a registry because of shipping costs. I know it is rude to ask for money. I will be having a wishing well, but I know guests like to be able to give something bigger for the home. This would not be practical for me. I thought of having a honeymoon registry. Do you have any suggestions or ideas that would be helpful to my situation?
Thank You

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Moving Abroad,

Perhaps a shower is not reasonable for you. It is optional. Plus, the shower is supposed to be for smaller inexpensive gifts. Many people have forgotten that. So, you are in good company.

The honeymoon registry shouldn’t be a focus for a shower. The shower is a party where people actually open gifts and chat about the wedding. So, this would be inappropriate. It would be an option for wedding gifts.

I understand that the wishing well, in certain regions, are used for people to drop small gifts, such as measuring spoons, into. So, I hope this is the wishing well you are describing. I’m my neck of the woods, these are boxes to collect money, which is considered tacky and are a major no-no these days. So, be careful.

The only option I can think of if you want to continue with the shower that is being hosted for you (not by a family member) is to ship the gifts home.

Best wishes,