Elephant Theme Weddings

If you’ve set your heart on an elephant wedding theme, the first thing you’ll notice is that … even as powerful symbols of good luck and a major player in Indian, African and Asian weddings, elephant items are hard to find.

Not that elephants necessarily make up your whole theme. Most people have a wider background in mind, such as an “Out of Africa” wedding theme (bound to become stratospherically more popular thanks to the bonny Prince William) or an “Arabian Nights” theme (likewise publicized by TomKat).

If you’re willing to move your wedding to Bangkok or Bali, you and your spouse-to-be could arrive on two elephants, exchange vows, and go for a leisurely elephant ride afterward. Elephants are harder to come by stateside, though.

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Elephant items are fairly rare too, so you have to be creative. One idea is to scour baby shower retailers, where the elephant is more popular. We found elephant cookies and elephant chocolate pops made for baby showers, but totally suitable for weddings.


Here are some of the ideas and items we’ve found for elephant theme weddings:

  • Have your wedding at the zoo. Many zoos have elaborately decorated “Safari” or “Dark Continent” banquet halls, which makes acquiring that exotic air a snap.
  • Rent elephant gray or animal print tablecloths, and fill the room with large tropical ferns and ficus plants.
  • Buy a high-end elephant serving set and other decorative accents from Arthur Court.
  • Use a blown-glass elephant cake topper on a mirror base. Although these cake toppers are beautiful, it’s rare to find the exact kind most brides want, which is two elephants with trunks intertwined. You’ll probably need to have this custom-made, but we think the cost will be reasonable.
  • Another beautiful cake topper choice is the Tuskers resin product.
  • As the elephant motif slowly makes its way into the wedding industry, you’ll have more choices. For now, we found Find Nautical Themed Favors.

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Some affordable favor ideas we’ve found include:

  • Elephant cookie cutters and elephant cookies
  • Elephant chocolate pops and elephant chocolate molds
  • Elephant wine charms and key chains
  • Elephant picture frames
  • Blown glass elephants in gift boxes and a few more Find Nautical Themed Favors.



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