Avoiding dark circles

Nights lost partying, stress, tiring workplaces are just some of the causes of dark circles. Loosing a good sleep during the night needs another 4 or 5 weeks of sleeping 8 or 9 hours during the night time…. It`s impossible to have a good sleep nowadays, because the modern human being has a lot of things to bear, meaning that few of us don`t have dark circles around his or her eyes!

There are many methods of covering those unpleasant marks around your eyes, but you need to sleep as much as you can in order not to have them! Such circles can make your make-up look horrible if their not covered, and if you don`t usually use make-up your face may get a tired aspect if you don`t take care in time….

An effective product has appeared recently on the market, it`s like a tube, and it contains refreshing ingredients such as caffeine that makes your face look fresh. This product can be used by many of us, you can buy one once a month and use it every time is necessary! You apply it in the morning or before you go to bed, even in the daytime if you don`t feel fresh….

If you don`t afford buying the product mentioned above, you can use masks to refresh your face and cucumbers are very effective if used at night during your sleep! This method doesn`t make the marks disappear entirely, but it`s surely a starting point!

Another way of covering the dark circles is using a lighter nuance of make-up foundation in that particular area, use it properly to penetrate your complexion and if you`re not satisfied of the results you can add a face powder also in a lighter nuance!

Besides the methods presented above, there`s the classical method with the anti dark circle product, which is a must have in every woman`s purse! Apply it before you use make-up foundation and it`s easy to spread, with the help of your fingers!

No matter for what product you choose to use, you must take into consideration firstly, not to loose your sleep during the nights very often! The daytime nap doesn`t even compare with the night sleep, which is a necessity and it`s also like a fuel for our engine!

Avoid smoking a lot and drinking coffee, these are also things that make the dark circles appear and stay there! Also you need to take a lot of fresh air, and do sports, if you really want to look fresh and healthy! These are the basic steps in order to have a healthy sight!

Most of us don`t take into consideration the aspect of these horrible marks, but if you`re indifferent you`ll end up with tired eyes and a dark face, the eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul, but if they are darkened by these marks, you`ll be perceived as a mean person that doesn`t enjoy life. Right?