Beauty and food

One of the most important thing in having a nice skin and tonus is eating uncooked food, natural and without any preparations, just the way nature left it! Those that have tried to eat this kind of food felt better in their general state and on the exterior of their body, oh and let`s not forget their health that became better!

When you boil food a lot of its good ingredients (like enzymes) just go away and that`s why it`s preferable to eat food without preparing it! Enzymes have an important role in digesting the food and eliminating it… People that don`t consume food with these substances, lose their vitality and have a general state of tiredness; food that contains enzymes is: papaya fruits, pineapple and cabbage!

You need antioxidants in order to maintain your skin strong and young, so in order to really do that you must eat natural food that contains these things, such as: cranberries, oranges, lemon and grapefruit. Aliments like carrots and apricots protect the skin from the sun radiations!

Q10 coenzyme is an antioxidant that our organism has, it helps to maintain our body young, but by the passing of the years the level decreases, so there are some aliments that help us increase our level, and these products are: spinach, broccoli and nuts.

Sulfur is present In every cell body. It has an important role in maintaining the skin, hair and nails healthy it is also known to treat acne. When we boil the food a large quantity of sulfur is lost so this isn`t good at all! It can be found in broccoli, pumpkin seeds, cabbage, garlic and onion.

Silicon is another important substance in maintaining young and fresh, it can be found in apples, cherries, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, carrots and green veggies!

There are also certain substances found in cranberries, broccoli, spinach, carrots, cocoa and chilies that help our organism protect from the aging processes!

Nuts are rich in vitamin C and garlic and onion have selenium, ingredients which keep our skin elastic. Our skin is an important canal for eliminating the toxic things from our body and natural food increases the level of elimination of toxic substances from our bodies! And also don`t forget to drink as much water as you can!

If you want to be healthy and look pretty in the same time, you must try drinking as much water as you can and also eat unprepared food, in it`s natural state, especially vegetables and fruits because they help your skin look younger and you will feel better in your skin!