Combining bachelorette party and bridal tea sedate bachelorette party theme ideas

I am planning a bachelorette party for a friend. My friend is rather conservative in the sense that she doesn’t like strippers or sexually explicit party items, and she dislikes being embarrassed at all. The kitchen tea and bachelorette is all in one because there is no time for both and the happy couple already have all they need for their home. This means, however, that the older ladies and relatives will also be attending. :wacko: My ideas so far:

* Each lady contributes x amount instead of a gift, so that we can buy the bride to be a spa voucher
* The group meets up at a popular restaurant and enjoys dinner and cocktails, maybe some dancing
* After dinner, those who would like to join us for a show at the theatre

I was also thinking of making little bachelorette survival packages to give at the restaurant. Here is what I was thinking of including:

* Aspirin
* Lip gloss
* Compact mirror
* “last night out” shot glass
* Theatre ticket
* Possibly a fun “bachelorette’s contract” that I saw online, swearing the group to secrecy and so forth.
* Perhaps a packet of condoms, but this is quite risky with the group we have.

What I want to know is, would this be a good bachelorette party theme? I want them all to have fun, but we can’t go to wild because of this particular group. Also, any suggestions for the packages would be great.

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If the couple doesn’t need a bridal shower (kitchen tea) I’d just leave that out and plan your bachelorette party, inviting only the young ladies who are close with the bride. This means no moms or grandmothers. As a mom, I can’t imagine being invited to my daughter’s bachelorette party, even if it’s planned to be sedate, because the bride should feel comfortable to have some fun with her friends out of the watchful eyes of her parents. Even though parents might know their daughter might drink and be sexually knowledgeable, we don’t tend to want to see that sort of behavior and don’t tend to want to party in that way with our children (Think Lindsay Lohan and her mo – not a pretty visual). When my son was getting married, his bride and I had this conversation about inviting moms to bachelorette parties because we’ve had this sort of question on the forum. She made the YUK face. “nuff said.

Even though a bridal shower is a gift giving event, you really shouldn’t dictate the gift choice or ask guests to pay for the party, which is really what you’d be doing if you asked your guests to contribute for a spa package and pay for their dinner and theater afterwards. This would be a better choice for the bachelorette party since these guests already know they will be paying for their own entertainment and the entertainment for the bride.

Since your friend seems shy, I’d ask for her preference of bachelorette party themes and plan what she likes. Here are some suggestions that are sedate or tend to be more tame, yet fun.

Girl’s sleep over
Spa Day
Glamour shots party
Spa Theme – invite a massage therapist, aesthetician, manicurist and/or other beauty experts to give beauty treatments
Cooking Class
Movie Night

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Conversely, you could simply host a giftless shower where all of these ladies could come together to celebrate the bride without gifts. There are lots of fun bridal shower themes such as:

Wine tasting
Royal Bridal Shower High Tea
In the Kitchen

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Just remember that, with the bridal shower, the host(s) must ay for the party.

have fun! Hope this helps.