Contact lens

In our days is like a trend to wear contact lens, accordingly to the way you are dressed! It`s not a bad thing, but eyes aren`t accessories as far as it is known! You should wear contact lens if you really have problems with your eyes and you don`t want to wear glasses, but these are rather expensive! So, what`s the big deal with wearing contact lens?

You can choose from a great range of contact lens and you surely have nicely colors where to pick from, if you really want a pair!It`s good that you know, when you buy or receive such products you need to take good care of them and when you put them on your fingers make sure you`ve washed your hands and you you`re clean! These lens are made of a special plastic material that needs to be placed in a liquid that is given together with them!

It`s important you keep them in this liquid, you maintain them oily and wet and they will be easy placed on your iris! If the liquid is finished, go and buy another one, because if they`re not kept in this transparent and watery liquid, they will get damaged and you won`t be able to wear them anymore!

Another important thing is not to give your contact lens to anybody else to wear! It`s totally unhealthy and you don`t know what bacteria that person has in his or her eyes and you can have different diseases starting from it!

The color you pick for the eye lens must fit to your hair color and it can`t be in contrast with some features! For example, if you’re a person that has a tanned skin and you have brown or black eyes and you don`t like it in that way, you can easily buy yourself some green lens, but make sure it`s not a ridiculous green, make sure it`s warm and it doesn`t look like you wear them when you place them on your iris!

People having blue and green eyes, who want to change their eye color, must know that they can use between a black and a brown, that is made accordingly to the skin they have and how transparent lens are!

There are also people that tend to get out of the normal line by using lens that have weird colors, it`s ok to do that when going to a Halloween party, but remember you can be in trend with your natural eye color by adopting a nice make-up, with a nice pattern and so on…. As you can see, many young women and not only, use eye lens to feel different, but that makes your person only more plastic like anyone seems to be nowadays and certain assets are given by nature and must remain in that way!

A thing you may want to know in the end is that natural blue and green eyes are less powerful than the brown ones, so you must protect them from the sun rays with sun glasses!