Aren’t the mob and mog supposed to wear the same length dress?

Bride is wearing long ivory( simple in design) wedding gown. Bridesmaids are wearing long dresses that are orange (almost rust) and a beige/gold. MOG decided to go ahead and get her dress and did not consult me. It’s ok because she is on a limited budget.. BUT she picked black, short (almost tea length).

I bought a black dress with open lace and taupe underlining that shows through and a long brown dress/jacket combo with little copper colored ornaments on the jacket. I’m trying to choose between the two. DO I need to have a short dress? Aren’t the mob and mog supposed to wear the same length? I can shorten the brown if you think this would be a better choice. Grooms are in black suits/vests, black shirts and beige-gold ties with same color pocket squares. October wedding 3:30PM.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

The mothers don’t always have to wear the same length. The dress choice for mothers is determined by the formality of the wedding.

What length is the black dress you have? Could you upload any photos?

Jodi R R Smith, The Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting

This is your daughter’s wedding, if you prefer the long dress wear it. The MOB and MOG are in very few pictures together. Wear the dress that makes you feel fabulous!

Deborah McCoy, President, American Academy of Wedding Professionals™

Hi… What concerns me are the colors, not so much the dress length… But let’s address length first. You say the MOG bought a black dress, “almost tea-length”… but tea-length is about four inches above the ankle, or should be… so it’s not exactly short… (And no, moms don’t have to wear the same length dress.)

Here’s the colors that will appear in the photos: ivory, rust and black (for male and female members of the bridal party). For that reason, I suggest you go with the black dress with the taupe underlining. You will then blend with the others in the bridal party and with the MOG.

Cohesiveness in color and dress length is important when it comes to photos, no doubt about it, which is why the brown dress would be a poor choice. However, I don’t think the MOG’s tea-length dress is one that will cause a problem. It’s just not short enough to stand out on its own, especially since it’s black.

Good luck!