How to send wedding invitatiions to second reception

My fiance and I will be hosting our wedding ceremony and reception in NYC in about 2 years. It will my first wedding and his second. His parents want to invite mainly his aunts and uncles, but want to have a second reception in their hometown for all others.

Do I send invitations to those whom his parents prefer to attend the second reception with an insert telling them that there is a second reception? Or do I not send them an invitation and send them a separate invitation that we’ve gotten married and will be holding a reception in their hometown? My FMIL wants me to send a complete invitation to those not really invited to the NYC wedding. Please help!

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

I think I am following you … If I understand correctly, you are getting married in NY with a reception immediately following and then hosting another reception back in your hometown later on.

For those invited only to the second reception, you will send a reception invitation. The wording of that invitation will let the guest know that they are invited to the reception. Here is some wording examples

For those invited to the wedding in NY, you’ll send them the standard wedding invitation that includes wording for the ceremony and reception.

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