wedding makeup tips for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin. I hardly ever wear makeup because I’m scared to try anything new. Some eyeliners & mascaras have made my eyes red, swollen & itchy. Foundation & moisturizers have made me break out in a rash all over my face, some just make make face very itchy. The few times that I wear make up its only mascara, eyeliner & lipstick. (I also have a very uneven skin tone). I would like to have my makeup professionally done however I’m worried I will love the way my makeup looks when I leave, then hours later have a swollen face & an itchy rash. I have the same worries about doing my own makeup considering I would have to go out & try foundations.
Any suggestions? Should I try to do my own make up and slowly try different kinds of foundations? Do you know of any make up that would be safe for oily, sensitive that will stay put on a hot July day? Or if I tell the make up artist how sensitive my skin is, will they know what they should stay away from?

Thanks in advance!

Joyce Connor, Brides and Beauty


I use mineral make up for all my brides. So far i have never had anyone react to the brand that i use. You can do a patch test behind your ear to see if you have any itching or redness in that area before covering your whole face in the foundation. You could be allergic to certain ingredients in the make up. You don’t mention your skincare routine or if you are on any medication? These can cause skin sensitivity. Can you let me know this so that i can answer your question more precisely?

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Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites,

Oh, that’s really good advice from Joyce. I’ve used mineral makeups myself and found them to be pretty good and not at all irritating.They’re especially good in the warm weather months because there is more moisture in the air. I find, in winter, my skin is drier and sometimes the mineral powder will cake in certain places unless I make sure to use a lot of moisturizer.

I wonder if our makeup experts can tell us if there is something like a primer that would work in that situation or for you.

Elysa Ross, PalmBeachWeddingExpert.comWedding Beauty Expert, Licensed Aesthetician & Makeup Artist

Hi. I am an aesthetician and makeup artist and have extremely sensitive skin & allergic reactions myself.

Mineral makeup or a silicone primer underneath your base is a good suggestion. However, you may be allergic or reactive to a certain ingredient in them, as well! You can also try Almay products, many of which are okay for sensitive skins. You’re best-best is to go to a vitamin shoppe or holistic store and try all-natural products. You should also go to an allergist so you can find out what exactly you’re allergic to. Reacting to makeup is usually indicitive of an allergy to something specific (many times to a food).

Whenever you try any new product, regardless of what, apply it to the skin on the inside of your elbow. The skin there is very thin and will quickly absorb whatever you apply. If you don’t get a reaction, that is a good start. If you do get a reaction, apply a cotton ball soaked with milk. The lactic acid in the milk will neutralize whatever is causing the reaction.

DON’T wait until the wedding day to try anything new on your face (not soap, lotion or cosmetics). If you are hyper-sensitive, you might even get a reaction to changes in the pH levels in water. So, bring some distilled water to wash your face if you’re getting ready in a hotel or someplace new. You can also take an antihysthamine, but it may make you drowsy, particularly if you drink any alchohol.

Worse case scenario, use vitamin E oil on your lashes to make them appear fuller (instead of mascara)and a darker lipstick if you simply cannot use anything else.

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All great advice. Some brides experience pressure from others to look a certain way on their wedding day or to practice certain beauty routines they wouldn’t normally participate in. If you want to enhance your look a bit, but worry about your skin’s reaction, do a trial run. Find someone you’re comfortable with, talk to them about your skin sensitivity, and work with them until you find a product combination that works for you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable the day of your wedding. Working with a caring, sensitive individual will help you achieve this.

sally from the valley

I use aveeno clear completion cleansing face wash twice a day. I have tried a few neutrogena products and they made me break out, not an allergic rash but acne. To clear that up I use Oil of Olay’s 3 step acne solution, it cleared it but but left my face very dry so I started using the moisturizer the meant to go with the 3 step & I had a REALLY bad reaction to that. Since my acne cleared up I went back to aveeno & as for moisturizer I use an oil of olay product – can’t recall the name but it hasn’t worked as well on my face as it did before my reaction, could also be that the weather has gotten a lot colder so my face is still really dry.

As far as food allergies I am allergic to mayonnaise & to ranch dressing however I’m not allergic to eggs… so I am still trying to figure that one out haha. I’m also allergic to shrimp, My throat starts to close up and I get flu like systems for a few days.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

I have roceacea and I use the Aveeno cleanser too. Good stuff.

I’d recommend you see a dermatologist and an/or allergist to get your conditions under control.

Joyce Connor, Brides and Beauty

Try not to over stimulate your skin by using too many different things at once. If the olay moisturiser is good then stick with it. If your skin is still very sensitive i would advise speaking to a dermatologist to see if they can help you in the long term. Sometimes product ingredients get updated so it would be good to know which ingredients cause the sensitivity. Try to avoid anything alcohol based to help your skin not dry out too much!